Vlakfontein Community

Vlakfontein proper Population+_43 100 Vlakfontein proper is based at Region G South of Johannesburg along Golden Highway.

Level of education: 60% of population do not have matriculation . There is a growing rate of school drop outs from the ages of 15 to 19. There adults are starting to take Adult Basic Education and Training seriously hence the rate of adults going back to school is growing extremely high that is between the ages of 25 to 54.

Clinic: The area has one clinic that covers almost the entire ward 122/120 community members. There are serious challenges as the results of one doctor attending at least 79 people per day and the doctor attend the clinic twice a week.

Schools: there is one primary school with the population of almost 824 that is from grade R to grade 7.

Library: there area does not have any library of which this is a serious challenge for the community.

Recreational Facility: There is only one park which serves as recreational facilities

Social Challenges: there is a high rate of substance abuse particularly nyaope and alcohol substances. Crime is also rough at the area and it is the results of substance abuse.

Health Challenges: There is a high rate of TB and HIV/AIDS of which it results to the deaths of people.

Economic Challenges: There is a high rate of unemployment due to lack of necessary skills and adequate education.

Though Khomanani Health Group NPO does absorb some of the youth in terms of offering them employment but the unemployment rate remain high. The surrounding companies rarely support community based projects and or organisations this make it very difficult to establish projects that can help in capacitating the community members that is skills development projects.