Our seamstresses

This year, the Crèche Gabrielle sewing workshop, which has been running for a long time, brought together up to 7 seamstresses and 5 cutters every week on Tuesday mornings.

Here is a quote of one of our volunteers who is also a teacher at the Lycée Francais Jules Verne, Josée Orione:

"As well as the charity aspect, we enjoy fetching our supplies, finding new designs, carefully choosing our fabric assortments, discussing sewing techniques and having a good time together.

The satisfaction of seeing the finished product, of seeing the pleasure in our customers' eyes, of counting the profits and seeing how they are actually used for the crèche also plays a big part in our motivation."

So don't hesitate to join us in this great adventure, and contribute with your ideas, your knowledge, and spend some quality time with us.